Students in Class

Students of AIC in class

Here at AIC Child Care Centre we specialize in the education and well being of young children in classrooms for preschool and kindergarten aged children.

Currently we have over sixty children in our classrooms, with just over 15 children with physical disabilities. Our preschool classes (aka Baby class) enjoy various creative and practical activities such as to build their fine motor development as well as stimulate their minds allowing them to grow both scholastically and socially.

Likewise our Kindergarten class curriculum (aka Top class) also has begun new trends in the classroom to teach not only subjects such as math, and art, but also creative work to develop themselves socially.

Current fund raising goal

Our current fund raising goal is for the hiring of three additional teachers expanding the number of teachers per to classroom to two per classroom which will provide enough attention to each and every student, because we believe the first step in creating a successful environment is in the classroom!