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By | December 1, 2010

A.I.C. Child Care Centre was started in 1979 by two missionaries, Miss Lorna Eglin and Betty Alcock. The initial aim was to feed and treat undernourished Maasai children after the 1978 drought, but soon disabled children from all over the Maasai lands began coming, changing the objectivety of our center to the ‘Rehabilitation of physically disabled children’, which has remained the same to date.
The Child Care Centre deals mostly with rehabilitation of physically disabled children but occasionally deals with adults. Currently we care for 75 residents, 21 of which are children in nursery school, and 39 are attending nearby primary schools. In addition we also work with many people on an outpatient basis, of which 14 are young children attending primary school in other districts, 10 are other students attending secondary school, 3 are adults in college, and about 1100 other adults are employed in their home areas under our supervision.


The Child Care Centre in partnership with stakeholders will reach children with disabilities for full rehabilitation and empowerment so as to enable them gain their full potential, self reliance and dignity for the glory of God.

Students of AIC

Students of AIC

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